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Interested in Oskar, Jakob, Maria, and/or Helwig Hauser?
Interested in selected activities of Oskar, Jakob, Maria, and/or Helwig?
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Oskar and Jakob spend parts of their time at a KIWI - Kinder in Wien kindergarten in Vienna, Austria.
Maria works for LOK - Leben ohne Krankenhaus in Vienna, Austria.
Maria offers psychological help and EMDR together with partner S. Rohringer in Vienna, Austria.
Helwig is a visualization researcher - some selected visualization materials are available at this web page, too.
Helwig is scientific director of the VRVis Research Center in Vienna, Austria.
Helwig teaches at Vienna University of Technology: VO Visualisierung (WS), VO Informationsvisualisierung (SS).

Note: in the future, you will also find some more interesting information at this web page, which currently is just under construction.

Helwig Hauser, 2006-11-06