SciVis, InfoVis - bridging the commuity divide?!

This web page provides materials which are related to the IEEE Visualization 2006 panel "SciVis, InfoVis - bridging the community divide?!", moderated by Helwig Hauser from VRVis.

  Panel paper "SciVis, InfoVis - bridging the community divide?!"

  Introductory slides by Helwig Hauser (moderator)
  Slides "Breadth vs. Depth, and the Usefulness of Interdisciplinarity" by Daniel Weiskopf (panel statement #1)
  Slides "InfoVis in SciVis" by Kwan-Liu Ma (panel statement #2)
  Slides "Different Data, Different People" by Jarke J. van Wijk (panel statement #3)
  Slides "InfoVis is from Venus - SciVis from Mars" by Robert Kosara (panel statement #4)

  Daniel Weiskopf from Simon Fraser University, Computing Science department with role "advocatus diavoli >>SciVis rulez!<<"
  Kwan-Liu Ma from UC Davis, Computer Science department with role "approaching InfoVis from SciVis"
  Jarke J. van Wijk from Eindhoven Univ. of Techn., Dep. of Mathematics & CS with role "InfoVis, SciVis, GeoVis, XVis"
  Robert Kosara from UNC Charlotte, Dep. of Computer Science with role "advocatus diavoli >>InfoVis rulez!<<"

Helwig Hauser, 2006-11-06